Advice on loop setup and thermals

Hi guys i'm going to build a system. for whatever reason ive decided to go all out, probably because my last system lasted so long.

its going to have an asus maximus iv extreme z68 , 2 evga gx 580 hydrocopper 2s and i7 sandy 2700k.

i'm trying to figure out if i want to do two seperate loops or just one. my logic is tha by the time to water gets to the last item its temp will be too high to get a good overclock. also i will be overclocking all three. i assumed one loop for cpu and one for gpu was a given but after reading forums it seems to not be. should i just do one loop in this order?

tank --> booster/backup pump ---> pump ----> gpu --->gpu ---> cpu ---> radiator -----> tank.

also what size radiator would you recommend.

thank you for your advice
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  1. You are going to need more radiator than you far.

    You don't really need 2 pumps, or dual loops...there wouldn't be any benefit to either except for redundancy...but pumps are typically rated for like 50,000 hrs MTBF or so.

    Water temps are usually within 2-5C of the same temperature at any point within the loop; however, this depends somewhat on your delta-T you are running.

    Have you read the watercooling sticky? There is a lot of info in there that would help explain some of your questions.
  2. yeah ive been working my way through them. not nearly done reading it all. i can fit a blackice 360 radiator on the top of the corsair obsidian 800d case and mod the bottom to fit a 2 fan in the power supply bay if i mod down there. im abou to head over to the website and see if i can find the thermals for the rads. im estimating around 700-800 watts of radiator melting heat being pumped into this loop :D
  3. Check out Manzooka's build - he used an 800D and 2x580 Hydrocoppers.
  4. 800D's are nice cases to build a loop in.
  5. ill check out the build thank you guys.
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