Is this a sign of bad RAM?

Dear gentlemen,
I have built a new pc for about 3 weeks and it was working fine for the first week or so then I started getting random freezes or hard lock-ups. I first though it was the PSU so I replaced the 800w EZcool one with a lovely Corsair 650TX (52A rail ftw). The freezing continued. I thought it might be my OS, so I reinstalled windows 7 32 bit, then 64 bit, still to no avail. I thought it could be a hdd so i bought a cheap 80gb HDD. I have switched over my graphics cards from 4890 to 8400gs. Freezing persists. A nice note is everytime I use memtest the computer freezes 5 seconds after Start. I have tried the modules seperately and in different slots, to no avail. It freezes everytime. It sometimes freezes on the welcome screen or on startup and when installing the new OS. The mother board has no domed or leaking capacitors. Specs are below,

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2 GHz Socket AM3 8MB Cache
Crucial 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 (Manufacutrer Number CT2KIT25664BA1339)
ATI Radeon 4890 VTX3D

I believe it to be the RAM, I wanted to know what the community thinks of this. The crucial website says the mobo and RAM are compatible.
Yours Faithfully
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  1. Considering your testing, the RAM sounds bad,but i'm not convinced yet. Have you set you BIOS settings to the RAM specs? Meaning have you set your voltage and timing to what the manufacturer specs? If you haven't, you should look into adjusting your BIOS and then run memtest again.
  2. Where do i see the voltages and timings? I have never played around with the BIOS much as I leave it all on auto and it never has troubled me before on my previous builds.
  3. Section 2.4 of your user's manual describes the use of the Advanced menu in your BIOS. While in the Advanced menu, expand the JumperFree Configuration. Scroll down to the sections: DRAM Frequency, Memory Over Voltage, and DRAM Tming/Driving Configuration. Adjust accordingly. Restart. Retest.
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