AMD Phenom Quad Core vs Triple Core, Which do you think is better?

I've been trying to figure out which CPU would be better for playing games (Not new ones, maybe 2 or 3 year old games) AMD Phenom™ triple-core processor (2.1GHz) 8400 with a 3600MHz frontside bus and 2MB on die Level 3 cache or AMD Phenom™ X4 9100e quad-core processor (1.8GHz) with a 800MHz frontside bus and 2MB on die Level 3 cache. Like I said which do you think will run games better?
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  1. well to start i can say that AMD CPUs dont have a frontside bus they have hyperlink or what ever lol... but from both CPU's id say the triple core will run them better since it has a few more Mhz and old titles dont use more then 1 core or 2... but i would always take the quad core because Mhz you can get with a little overclocking, and getting one more core it a bit harder lol... but i have to ask, why those 2 processors?
  2. I want a computer that like I said can play games that aren't really new, my mother wants to get me my own computer because my father doesn't want me working on his "new" Dell. She won't pay for the computer unless I can get if from Best Buy for under $500 and those two AMD's are under 500 and I plan on upgrading the crappy 300w PSU and GC card that comes with it later. The only difference between the two pre-built computers are the CPU and RAM (quad comes with 4 and triple comes with 6 and price difference of $70)
  3. Well because as I stated earlier, I'm not paying for it and the person who is (My mother) will not pay for something not pre-built. I've been trying to convince her that I can build something a lot better for the same price.
  4. Thanks for the input, I'll see what I can do.
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