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I've read a lot of reviews on various hard drives. Only use 5400rpm, go for a 7200rpm. Only use Seagate, don't use Seagate - same thing with WD and other brands. I saw one forum that said a hdd is a hdd, who cares what brand. It seems like I can find as many pros with one drive as another, and the same goes with the cons. With new hdds available, would a high capacity 7200 be a better choice now? A lot I've seen on the 7200 is old advice - what is the latest? I've got the original fat 60, and have never had any problems with it. I'm just always running out of space! I figured an upgrade is way past due, but I can't get any definitive answers! What is the final answer? Hopefully someone who has upgraded and had no issues for more than a couple days can advise. That's the other thing I've seen - upgraded last night and working fine, but I'd like to know how long did it last?
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