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Need a motherboard for 200 dollars or less for my i5-750 (LGA 1156). The motherboard needs to be compatible with 1600 ram and the easier the overclocking the better. Thanks

edit: for gaming build, SLI and crossfire NOT necessary (wouldnt hurt though)
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  1. Are you planning to OC?
  2. yea nothing too drastic I heard reaching 3.4 is easy on stock values, so in that range 3.6 if possible
  3. Do you have any interest in the 'new' USB 3.0 / SATA 3 solutions? If so that'll narrow down your selection to Asus or Gigabyte. You can read more about that here:,2490.html

    Have you given this a read?:,2463.html
  4. Or if you want to save a little $$ this may be of interest:,2436.html
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