Funny Glitch (?)

Well today I was testing the effect of overclocking my Core i7 920 (Stepping C0/C1) and when I got to 2.9GHz once in a while my CPU would suddenly flash to this frequency for about a half of a second. I did finally manage to catch it with the Screen Capture button.

Obviously I highly doubt it really got there, but it's a pretty cool CPU-Z glitch or whatever caused it.

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  1. 7154 mhz?!?! you obviously have turbo on but what kind of turbo? nitro turbo x10?
  2. i would love to have that frequency at that voltage with any cpu, let alone an i7!
  3. Guys I think it was probably a glitch, I highly doubt it really got to 7 GHz.

    And I think I have Turbo Mode turned off . . .

    But still pretty cool anyway, especially if it really did get there for a fraction of a second. :D
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