Is amd overdrive safe to use?

Hey everyone, here is my rig (question to follow)
amd phenom 965 currently @3.7ghz and stable.

saphire 6970
4gb crucial ballistix
3x sata 2 samsung hard drives @7200rpm
ocz stealthxstream 700w ocz700mxsp
1x pci usb 2.0 port
2x dvd writer
zalman 9700 blue l.e.d version
2 rear 80mm fans
1 front 120mm fan
Think thats all you need to know, if I missed something im sorry.

My question is as it says in the title but let me elaborate. Will I be able to reach around 4ghz with my set up? currently im at 3.7 and at peak not going above 50 degrees.
I have another topic open about this but I was asking about overclocking through bios. Is amd overdrive really a safe way to go?
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  1. Just realized totatl noob I have posted this in the wrong forum, thought I was on the overclocking tab. So sorry
  2. I prefer the BIOS overclock for many reasons, AOD can works, but also can give you problems while you get the rig stable.

    I know that this won't answer your question, but is very difficult say you if is safe or not since all overclocks are different and the components react different to overclock, in other words, you can use it and have not problems or can overclock and have a lot of problems killing something.
  3. Thanks man, I appreciate it, so it boils down to whether I want to risk it. I have another thread open about this same issue but asking how I can get higher clocks than what I have. I have raised vcore by gradual increases, but not been able to get stable above 3.7 so im guessing I need to overclock NB, but the last time I tried this, I blew up my ma790fx-dq6 motherboard. is my new board ok for overclocking? I cant find any good reviews its the ga-ma790gp-ud4h
  4. What voltage are you using for the CPU? What cooler do you have?
  5. zalman 9700 blue l.e.d version, the voltage is currently running at stock. I raised it to 1.45 by gradual increments as the cpu would boot to windows fine, but would not work under full load. at 1.5 I was still at 50 degrees until it blue screened due to an unforseen hardware configuration error I think it said. I then decided to revert to stock voltage and lower clock speed to 3.7 until I had further advice
  6. Can you see the error code? With that we can know what could be the problem.
  7. The last time I saw it there was no error code, just a blue screen with an error message, then after that it just rebooted with no log or error record or blue screen, just literally reset itself.
  8. What settings are you using in the BIOS? Let me know all those.
  9. Im sorry man, could you elaborate? which ones do you need specifically? ram timings, cpu multiplier? vcore NB?
  10. or do you mean literally everything?
  11. Yeah, CPU settings, RAM settings, NB settings, voltage settings.....all those.
  12. right then, bare with me while I go to bios land for a little while, is there some way I can take a screen shot of the bios perhaps?
  13. Taking a picture with your phone is the easy way.... :lol:
  14. right, one second then
  15. Right I cant seem to get my phone to take a good pic at the minute as memory is to low and I havent got a spare sd card so will list some voltages
    NB 1.3v
    ddr2 2.0v
    vcore 1.4v
    multiplier 18.5
    sb normal (doesnt seem to specify) is this what you need or is there more?
  16. Voltage and settings looks good, try adding a little more voltage on CPU to see if it's fully stable.
  17. what should I go up2? I was running at 1.45 and would still reset but temps were still around 50-52
  18. Let me know the frequencies of your CPU, DRAM, NB and HT
  19. cpu 200mhz
    ram 1066mhz
    NB Auto
    Ht Auto
    it does not specify NB and HT just says auto
  20. What multiplier on CPU?
  21. Try the following settings

    MULTI. 20
    Vcore. 1.5v

    Just do not exceed 1.55v ever
  22. BTW AMD. Overdrive sucks
  23. Is that from personal experience? I will give it a go now thanks, is it ok to bump the vcore straight up to 1.5 or should I go up slowly? or go to 1.5 then work my back down to stable voltage at lower level?
  24. Yes it is from personal experience....I would go straight up to 1.5v...Watch the temps. of course....You should be fine though.....The only limiting factors I see in your rig is that your still using DDR2 RAM and an older but decent MOBO....Oh BTW...Is your 965 C2 or C3 stepping?....Or another way to ask is. Is it a 125 watts or a 140 watt chip? If it is the 140-watt model(C2 stepping)then your gonna be "limited" on your OC.
  25. it is the c3 stepping. Theres definitely no danger me going straight to 1.5 no? I have always read to increase voltages gradually
  26. I do not see a problem with going straight to 1.5v....If you want to do it gradually..Then so be it...But I bet you it will not maintain stability at 4.0 GHz until you reach 1.5v
  27. Its not that I want to do it gradually, just want to make sure there is as little risk as possible to my components
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