Will my upgrade be noticable?

I got i7 920, 8 gb ddr3 1333ram, zotac 9600gt super cloked, p6t-se mobo.
I found out that in ddr3 in need multiples of 3. so 3-6-9-12-and so on. So iff i buy 4gb more ram will i see i good chunk of performance boost? My start up time is SLOW. Cuz i got W7 Server 2008 R2.
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  1. No. You need to reduce the number of windows start up programs for faster boot times. Can't help you there.
  2. So now its running 8gb at ddr2, if i switch to 12gb ddr3 wont be decent upgrade?
  3. It might help, but I haven't seen too many servers with more ram than you have. I worked at dell installing ram and cpus in their server boards for a short time.
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