Boot Disk for First start-up?

Ok I can get the computer to turn on recognize the video card, mem and cpu.


"Verifying DMI Pool Data................................." then

after 3 minutes or so? get this message

"Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and press Enter"

I am uing an old Hardrive from another computer with Win XP pro on HD. I thought the computer would simply boot to windows? Need to reload OS??
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  1. You cant just transfer a hard drive over unless the motherboards on the two systems are identical. If you have an XP disc you may be able to repair the installation and get it to work on the new machine but you really should do a full reformat.

    You can pick up vista with a free upgrade to 7 off of newegg for $110 right now, windows 7 home is currently pre-ordering for $200
  2. Ok thanks I will reformat. Guess not as simple as a car just swap out new for old.

  3. It sounds as if your hard drive may be dead, you should get further than that even if the chipsets are wrong.
    Try using a live Linux distro (Such as Puppy) and checking if there is anything on the hard drive.
  4. pastit is correct.

    The Ultimate Boot CD has many drive diagnostics that will help... could be something simple as well, such as a BIOS setting or a cable issue.
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