Bios detects HDD, windows does not

Hey ppl. Been searching for this forever now it seems and it's been hard to find. Thought I'd post it see if anyone can help. I was recently transferring a backup of a PC game I got while on vacation to my hdd...
I copied the files to my ipod on vacation and recently hooked up an old hdd to my new pc.

New PC is gigabyte 890fx ud5 8GB Ram Ripjaw Sapphire Radeon 5890HD AMD x6 1090t and a SATA western digital 300GB.

the old hdd is IDE and is hooked up in this order - mobo > CD/DVD (slave) > old hdd (Seagate) (master)

it works fine. everything does.

during the transfer i unplugged my ipod cord (accidentally) and upon trying to cancel the transfer had to wait forever, so i went elsewhere and did something else, came back and it was still going. so i logged off (bad idea i am beginning to realize).

now, well at first...the drive was still recognized but i could not open the drive to view any files. diskpart in DOS doesn't open up, and disk management won't open up either. it seems to be hanging on the virtual drive ....detecting part.

i tried to unhook everything, cords and all, and booted with just my new hardware. I took out the CD/DVD too. works fine

now that i have hooked it back up to how it was before, my BIOs recognizes the drive. it's in the IDE port as master with my cd/dvd as slave....exactly how it was before, no problem there.

yet it no longer is recognized at all in windows.

there is no OS on it, if i try to boot from it, i get the "disk read error" please press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

reason for no OS is i only wanted to use it for storage/backup. i have 3 old seagate hdd's which i was beginning to use again. i formatted the old guy through the disk management utility while logged into my new western digital SATA.

so question is, while it may suck to lose data, i'm not worried about it so much, yet, i can't access it anymore in order to reformat it even. As i mentioned. BIOs recognizes it, yet it's not....being read. i'm stumped.

if the data can be saved that would be great....i just need to access the drive somehow. i just spent all day putting like 100GBs on it of all backups, it is going to suck to have to do all of that again. there has to be a way to just get the files from it...unless somehow, unhooking my ipod during the transfer, corrupted the entire disk...which is what i'm beginning to think has happened.

so am i just s.o.l ? or can something be done to simply....see the stupid drive? lol
i figure, since i have 2 others, i can just use those (veeeeery carefully) and get the data off this one one day, or it it totally thrashed?


my OS on my SATA drive is Win7
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  1. quick update:

    it seems all the data is simply gone. diskpart now sees it as not formatted (RAW)....before i go formatting it. is as my last question there any way to see the data that's on it, cuz i sure as heck didn't format it after putting 100GBs onto it. status is healthy. it's a 150GB drive and it says 149GB and...just a raw partition i don't know much else i can do in DOS to perhaps get it to become recognized with the data on it if there is anything i can do. seems DOS is where i'll have to begin my adventure

    thanks again
  2. Try downloading R-Studio and see if you can view the drive contents after a full scan. If will look for file patterns on the disk and build its own file table. You may be able to recover the data this way.
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