Need help choosing a case.

So, come Monday I will be ordering a new system. Ive spent the past few days trying to figure out what kind of case to get. There are just too many choices so Im asking for your help. :)

Ive looked at a lot and have decided I want an ATX mid-tower preferably made of aluminum. I've been looking at mainly the Antec, coolmaster and lian li products. I'd also like to have the interior painted but that wont keep me from making a purchase. So, any ideas?
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  1. What type of system are you going to be putting in there? Do you want it to have a window? Does it need to be quiet or can it sound like a hurricane because you have headphones?

    Mid tower is sorta vague, as they range from this
    down to this
    Im pretty sure you can put the pink thing inside the antec 902 without hitting the edges.

    Also any reason for the aluminum preference? If you arent going to be moving it often a steel case will be stronger and generally cheaper.

    The antec 902 will provide plenty of space and airflow if you are running 2 cards but if you are only running 1 card an antec 300 illusions will do just fine.
  2. I would go either Antec 902 or Cooler Master HAF 922. IMO... These are the two best mid-size cases.
  3. there are a lot of cases to choose from and it's basically a preference kind of thing.. the list is endless..

    antec: 300, 900, p180, p183/193 (aluminum)
    coolermaster: rc-690, elements, haf 922, scout, sniper, centurion (aluminum which i dont like)
    etc, etc, etc

    check out some cases from silverstone (if ur willing to pay for lian li) and thermaltake..
  4. This will be a gaming system that I will be looking to upgrade down the road. I have no preference to a window or not. Ive looked at the 902 (not sure what it offers over the 900) and the haf 922 and both look perfect for my needs but am leaning towards the 922. Now, what makes the Lian li and silverstone cases so much more expensive than the antec's and coolermasters? Is it really worth the extra money?

    I'd like to keep it a quality case (under 250 bucks though).
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