2gb 800mhz 1gb 667 mhz

i have 2 Gb 800mhz Kingston ram and 1 Gb Samsung 667 Mhz , i have Asus p5-n73 cm board , some1 said to me that they both cannot work together , but its working fine , and Windows 7 rated 5.5(2 gb) to upgrade 6.6 (3 gb)
is it danger for pc? games ???
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  1. No there is no danger running those two together.
    Just set both RAM frequency to 667Mhz in the bios.
  2. Bios :(

    i have asus Mobo p5n73-cm where is this ram frequency option ?

    ... any software ??
  3. it's auto by default. BIOS will knows to run the slowest memory. Furthermore, it's works but also took additional performance hit by forcing the overall ram to run in single channel. Stick in another matching 667mhz 1GB Ram will bring it back to dual channel.
    MS rating is misleading-score on amount of ram not performance.
  4. some motherboards will work fine with 2 sticks of RAM that are rated at different speeds while others will not. Luckily your mobo seems to work fine.

  5. CPu-z memory tab Screen Shot uploaded ,

    will it problem me in gaming ?? @ jivdis1x , allhands and shubham1401

    or should i only use 2 gb 800 Mhz ??
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  7. plz help bump!
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