Install SATA DVD Drive with IDE HDD

I just bought a samsung SATA DVD drive, and I tried to install it in my pc with 2 IDE HDD's. My mobo has 4 SATA ports, it's an epox 4pda5+ mobo. It's the only SATA device I've ever tried Installing. After plugging in the data and power cable to the drive, I turned on my PC and I got the message:

Verifying DMI POOL data.....

I can't boot any of my HDDs and nothing is working. If I remove the DVD drive then everything works again.

What am I doing wrong?????
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  1. Change your boot priority on your mobo from sata drive to the ide drives, or disable boot from sata drive.
  2. There are no SATA options in my bios! Apart from 'integrated SIL3114 ' which is enabled.
  3. No boot options?! I doubt that. Disabling the controller is different from disabling a drives or changing the boot order of drives. Look through it carefully.
  4. This option wont be under SATA - it will be under Boot Options or Boot Priority - which is usually on the last options screen.
  5. The Boot Priority only shows options like CD-ROM, HARDDRIVE, FLOPPY etc. No SATA. I've tried putting the HDD first but it still doesnt work. And my boot order only shows IDE drives.
  6. disable cd-rom in boot option
  7. Tried that. Still desnt work.
  8. Running out of idea. Run a window installation repair from DVD. Also try update bios.
  9. I've updated the BIOS but it still doesn't work. I triednto reinstall windows, but strangely the hard drives are not recognised or useable by windows.
  10. This is an older motherboard and most likely the SATA ports only support hard drives.
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