Gaining access permission control in remote PC

i just want to gain access in remote PC using shared file in that PC. i tried the following in run option \\RemotePCName\SharedFolder$ this is supposed to ask admin user ID and password instead it is giving this error "\\RemotePCName\SharedFolder$" is not accessible you might not have permission to use this network resource. any help will be great. thank you all.........
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  1. Try with the IP of the PC that have the shared folder I mean:

    \\, for example, the system ask you for autentication and open a window with the shared folders that the PC have.
  2. let me know the OS of the computer:

    you can follow the following steps:-

    Step 1:get the ip address of both the computers
    make sure they are in the same work group and has different computer name.
    step 2:make sure they are able to ping each other , if not disable the firewall
    step 3:share the drive or the folder that you wants to share, by right clicking on it and click on properties and allow permission for everyone.
    step 4:type in the shared name
    step 5:you can disable password protected in vista computer,if it is a vista computer.
    step 6:from the other computer go to network->view work group computers and click on the desired computer , you should be able to see the shared folder or drive.
  3. Firewall issue?
  4. the two computer should be able to ping each other .
    if not it may be a firewall issue.
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