Need a Supplementary Power Supply! :(

Howdy, folks of Tom's Hardware!

Skip this first paragraph if you don't want to hear my life story.

I have an HP Slimline desktop computer. I bought it because quite frankly, my old one was just about fit for a caveman. Anyways, it's a year later and I want to get into PC gaming (yeah, I know. With a SLIMLINE?). Just recently, I discovered the wonderful world of PC hardware and realized that to play just about any video game out there, I need a decent video card. Now, the GeForce 6150 SE that came with it quite frankly, couldn't do the job, so I ordered a new one. Even more recently, I learned that a compact computer like the Slimline has its downfalls. Namely, it's compact. That means that large video cards like the PNY GeForce 8500 GT I have sitting on my desk right now won't do me any good; the computer's too small and the power supply isn't good enough (damn you, niche markets and consumer ignorance!).

Anyways, I desperately need help here. I've done some reading on the forums and found that what I need is a supplementary power supply, so where do I look? What do I look for as a guy with an under $60 budget to spend on this sort of stuff? How long will the aforementioned video card with 4 gigs of ram last me in terms of being able to play recently released PC games?

Any help would be appreciated! (unless that help comes in the form of something like "lolfag, l2compootar", in which case it wouldn't be very helpful at all)
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  1. Check to see if the video card will even fit in the case before you go any further. With what you're asking you're pretty much going to end up taking the whole thing out of the case. Maybe you can find a bigger case and move all your parts to it.

    Honestly you're way better off buying or building a full size machine, because you'll likely destroy the Slimline trying to Frankenstein it.
  2. Mua ha ha, time to get out the drill and the multi tool. Anyway, a supplemental PSU like you heard requires space to put it in, like a full 5.5" bay, as is the case of this unit from FSP.

    Now then, rather than speading money on that, or buying a full ATX PSU and cutting holes and bolting sheet metal to your case to fit the darn thing, you may want to look at just going with a full sized ATX case that has a PSU.

    APEVIA X-Dreamer ATXB3KLW-BL Blue

    Comes with a turbo link PSU, which is certainly not great, but more than enough to power your current parts and an old 8500GT easily enough. I should mention though that before you go sticking all your parts in a new case, make sure that your motherboard is micro ATX. If it's micro BTX, as happens with older slim PCs, it will not fit in an ATX case.
  3. you cant be doing much damage with a 8500gt.. the larger your screen, the better the video card you need!
  4. Thanks for replying!

    I probably don't have to skill to make heavy modifications to my computer, so a complete case/power supply overhaul would do more harm than good in my case. I'm going to open the computer up and see if the GPU will actually fit when I stop being so busy (maybe the weekend). If that doesn't work out, I'll have to return the GPU.

    Anyways, I did some more reading up and found out that I need a low profile GPU, which I assume is, like the Slimline, a decrease in size. The GPU I'm looking to install is about 6.5 inches in length and 4 inches in width. Does that fit the size of a low profile GPU? I don't know because I haven't seen any explicit specifications of low profile GPU size.
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