There must be a hardware issue on my PC, can you please help diagnose?

Sorry, I didn't really have a place to put it, due to the fact that i'm not really sure which component is causing this issue.

I have a pc that is a dualboot between Ubuntu and XP. Both OS's have this issue. The issue is that it will lock up. By lock up, no kernel panic or BSOD. I have swapped out ram many times due to issue's with 4GB, I am running 2GB now.

My specs: 2x EVGA Nvidia 8800GT
Intel E8400 @ 3.00 gHz
Creative Audigy SE for sound
ASUS nforce p5n-e SLI
DDR 2 @ 800 mHz, 2GB. Might go to 4GB Soon. Both 2GB sticks are by corsair. The 4GB sticks are also by corsair.

Both OS's, as I said lock up. The computer is well ventilated. It is air cooled. I have run memtest many times, with no issues when I run it. I have tried to change memvoltage in the BIOS, to see if that was the issue. It will still lock up. The time can be from 10 minutes and multiple lock ups every time I try to use it, to days or weeks without locks up.

I can't seem to figure out the issue, can anyone else? Thanks. And if you need any more specs/info/etc please just ask me, and I will supply.
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    What PSU do you have? 2 8800GTs wont be light on power consumption. What do you have the memory voltage set to? Set the timings and voltages at what corsair recommends but add .1 to the voltage to improve stability a bit.
  2. I've got a 750W if I remember correctly.

    At first I would have my mem voltage set to auto. However, I called corsair and they said make it 1.9v which it is at now.

    I'm not really sure what to change my timings too, only due to the plethorea of options. Such as tCS, and I am not really 100% sure about what I should change.

    I know for my 4GB, the timings are 5-5-5-18 or whatever. All 5's until last one is 18. And the voltage for that is 1.9v. However, once again, too many options for changing things, which of the many options should I change (tCS, or whatever them are called)? Thanks.
  3. Maybe it is one of your video cards. Try running each one separately and see if you still get the lockups.
  4. I have just tried to change the timings and voltage, however it locked up again. I tried to change the voltage to the next higher one to see if it is more stable.

    Know of anything else that could cause the locking up?

    EDIT: Actually, I didn't increase the voltage by .1 like it is now.
  5. I am still having lockups. Should I change any other voltages, IE for northbridge and such?

    When I got this computer (1 year ago, in July) there were no issues. I really haven't changed anything except for updating the BIOS to see if it fixed it, and the few times I used the 4GB of RAM with it's timings.

    Think it could be a motherboard issue, cpu, or something else? Thanks again.
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