Help with new processor.

I recently upgraded my processor on my Dell Inspiron 531s from a AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3600+ to a AMD Phenom X3.
My CPU socket is AM2.

Now my computer fails to boot every time. When I turn it on, all that happens is the fans turn on, and the lights turn on, and then it just idles like that with nothing on the screen.
At first I thought my BIOS needed updating, so I updated it to version 1.0.13; but that didn't help at all.

Whats going on here?
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  1. Hmmmm........did u apply thermal paste? Are your clips tights?

    This could sound dumb but do am2+ cpus work on am2 motherboards?
  2. Yeah all thats good.

    I'm pretty sure they do.
  3. you very rarely can upgrade OEM machines. You should contact dell and see if they are compatible.
  4. did you check dell's site to check if the processor is supported on the motherboard
  5. Sounds like your board doesn't have BIOS support for the processor. OEM companines like Dell don't like to update cpu support for new products, they would rather you buy a new computer.
  6. that is why u ONLY buy custom build computers cuz brand names are **** sorry to say that
  7. That processor is definitely not supported. Last processor added was the x2-4450e IIRC.
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