Making my build a gaming system??

I currently have this computer:

I want to upgrade it to a gaming system, but for no more then 300 dollars. What's the best I could get out of it? Thanks!

Also, I have not done any modifications to the computer I bought as of today.
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  1. The link you gave is dead for me.

    Please give PC make and model (and any changes you made to it), or the component list (cpu, mobo, graphics card, memory, psu).

    Also provide the resolution you intend to game at.
  2. Your wish-list link doesn't work...
  3. Sorry, just edited the post. The link works now..
  4. Wohw!!, That was an old pre-built machine?!! (I don't mean anything!!)
    Well for a gaming PC a good GPU is the first (90%!!) concern.

    But I feel you might be bottle-necked by the CPU and/or RAM.

    I'll see what I can do.

  5. Ok, thanks.

    EDIT: I'm probably going to need a new powersupply, my current one is some generic 300 watt (I think?) PSU. It's not that great...
  6. Don't get me wrong IT'LL Work and we will be able to make a bit (or a lot :D ) better BUT I need some more things (info):

    Your resolution
    Your games
    The games you're GOING to buy soon
    If you play online
    The OS you're using now

    I'll keep watching for your reply.

  7. 300 bucks should get you a Core2Duo E7500 CPU($120) , Radeon 4850($100), and a power supply upgrade nice 600Watt ($80).

    The cheep way to go would be to see how far you can overclock (the E2180 is known to have a decent overclock) the cpu, install a radeon 4670 which is good with low end power supply's($70), and upgrade the ram to 4GB($20) guessing that you have a fairly low res monitor those three steps would save you a few hundred bucks and let you play any game out right now. HAVE FUN!!!
  8. 1240x1024

    I used to play WoW, had no problem playing that (at pretty low settings though, with vista). I am going to be playing Aion when it comes out as well as newer FPS games. I want to run Aion at full settings but the newer games that come out I just expect to be playable.

    Windows 7.
  9. At that res I would take the cheep route
  10. japnoise99 said:
    At that res I would take the cheep route

    This is not about the post, but about your sig, i agree the saturn but good, but did you forget the dreamcast, that thing raised the bar for video games systems :-)
  11. So what you seem to need is: CPU, RAM, GPU and PSU for $300.. Umm..

    Do you have any other requirements (hopefully not :) ) ?

    Also can you tell me the MOST graphics intensive game you're going to play in the near future??
    @reconviperone 1 What are you talking about??!! :heink:

  12. LOL dreamcast was #2 in my heart. Nights into Dreams and Panzer Dragoon were what brought me into gaming.
  13. @xutati
  14. Aion is going to be my most played game. VERY easy game to run at max settings. But I WOULD like the option to play a newer game like Call of Duty 5 for example at playable settings and fps.
  15. HD4850 would easily play COD 5 at max sittings at 1280x1024 with AA even possible!!

    Also you might want to consider waiting for HD5000 as there will be main-stream parts like HD5770 which will be the right thing for your current system maxing its potential.

    Also can you post your main-board's model here? As NewEgg wasn't specific and there are a lot of nForce 680i main-boards out there.

  16. It actually has all the CPU info you need in the Newegg description, LGA 775 for CPU. 1 open PCI-E x16, 2 GB DDR2 (maximum 4gb supported), and ..yeah that's pretty much it.
  17. I'll Reply latter, Don't worry.
  18. xutati???
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