Need Help finding a PS for my server

Ok. so i have my server set up. got the case for free and it came with redundant power supply. the problem is, its so freaking loud i hate turning my computer on any more. I thought at first i could just deal with and get used to it but now its just getting on my nerves.

So im in the market for a power supply. I need help finding one that meets my 3 criteria.

1. The size is 85.725mm Tall x 152.4 mm Wide and max depth of 245mm. (3.375inch tall x 6inchs wide x 10inches deep)

2. Has to be 2U redundant and have min of 500watts each (1000watts min) or a single with the same rating

3. Has to be QUIET. the quieter the better. I dont need another wind tunnel for a power supply

Thank you in advance for the help
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  1. Redundant 500 watt x2 power supply for a 2U rackmount server chassis. Hmmmm...... have you tried google?

    Athena, Tyan, Supermicro, Zippy, and Etasis all make 500 watt, 2U, redundant power supplies for servers. Zippy and Etasis are the high quality power supplies for servers.
  2. I found 2 but neither are long enough. Not sure if that's a big issue for you or not.

    DYNAPOWER USA DP-500R8A 24Pin 500W Redundant - $349.99

    Athena Power AP-RRP4ATX65 24Pin 658W + 658W mini redundant - $369.99

    Requirement number 2, are you saying it can just be a single unit with 1,000 watts? If so, here's another option.

    Athena Power AP-P4ATXK110FEP 20+4Pin 1100W Single - $239.99
  3. Would the server power supply length even be an issue? I know width and height are standardized but length can vary.
  4. Usually not an issue unless it is too long but these were shorter than the length he gave so unless it's a really odd configuration I don't think they'll pose a problem. I just wanted to point out they were shorter in case it's one of those occasions.
  5. Sorry i am really new to the whole server world. i was living off a laptop for the past 5 years. And was giving this server case/motherboard/processors and memory for free.

    Length is not an issue as long as it does not exceed 10inches.

    Those all posted are ones i have been looking at but no where have i found any information on how loud or quiet they are. thats my biggest concern. i know theres power supplies that meet the size and power criteria but sound seems to be the issue.
  6. I work at a technology complex associated with a large university. The university has several huge server rooms as do some of the companies at the complex. There are racks and racks of servers in those rooms and they are noisy. Some of the small companies have small server rooms the size of broom closets with just one rack. They're noisy too. Considering the server rooms are not occupied I don't think noise was considered to be an issue.
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