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How to burn xp to a disk

Alright so I downloaded a version of xp 64 bit from my schools computer center and it has been downloaded in the form of a .SDC file and it says that I need to unpack it in order for it to work and I am not sure how to do that.

Any help would be great.
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  1. Anyone please?
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    What you describe you did may well be a violation of copyright. In addition, you are asking how to get it to work, which really is theft.

    Anyone trying to help you accomplish that will be banned from this forum.

    You should buy a legitimate WinXPx64 disk with the product code key, and you will be able to install it with no problem.
  3. k its not illegal at all i know plenty of people who have done it
  4. and by downloaded it i mean they emailed me a link to schools site and i got it their...
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