Need some advice

Hey guys.

I recently upgraded this Bestbuy Asus brand PC I bought for a cheap gaming rig.

Here are my specs:

PSU: Rocketfish 500w (400w continuous)
CPU: AMD x4 965 BE (not overclocked)
GPU: 5770 HD
RAM: 4gig (stock)
Mobo: (asus stock)

I've noticed when playing some high end games my GPU is getting a little hot. right around 80c. So I Want to add another case fan. I've recently ordered and I'm waiting for

I have room to add this fan in the front of my PC under my Hard Drive bay. I believe its a 120mm slot.

The PSU is top mounted in the case, and the fan on the PSU is blowing down. A few inches under that, there is a stock mounted fan (the only one) I believe its sucking air into the case blowing on my CPU.

Would I assume that I should flip the fan mounted under the PSU so it sucks air out when I mount the new fan in the front of the case to blow air into the case.

I've done some research and read a bunch of articles on this site. Let me know what you think. I basically just want to get some air flow going in my case. I believe I have bad air flow, and alot of parts that put out alot of heat in a smaller case. I know I wouldn't have this problem if I just bought a new case and a new motherboard. but that is a bit more than I can pay for at the moment.
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  1. What i have done is a intake at the bottom of my Tower and outtakes on the top and back. I also have a intake on the side next to my gpu. This solution as always worked well for me.
  2. Your PSU should not be blowing air inside the case; it should be directly exhausting it. If you flip the PSU will the exhaust have room and openings to exit the case? If it doesn't you may burn out the PSU.

    The best cooling takes in cool air from the bottom and exhausts hot air out the top (using natural convection to assist it). If you reverse the top fan and it exhausts and add fans on the bottom and side panel you will have much better cooling.
  3. Your psu is in the fan down position which is fine.
    Psu fans are intake fans so it's not exhausting hot air into the case.
    Lots of good cases in the @$40 price range these days.
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