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i play WoW (i'm addicted gah!) and usually i play on my laptop and it runs smoothly. I want to start playing on my desktop however the fps is quite bad. appearently i have a ATI Radeon x1250. what would be an upgrade so i can run 30-50 fps in a $100-$200 price range? thanks!
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  1. Judging from that video card, i'd guess your desktop is pretty old. Thus, we'll need the full specs of the system (PSU, graphics expansion slot type, MB, CPU, etc.) to give you something more than guesses.
  2. The more important part to know would be if your system is AGP or PCI-e. DDR or DDR2.

    If it's PCI-e, for 100 bucks you can get a GTS250 which is one of the best cards out there in that price range that plays GTAIV and Crysis at high settings. So it will smack the crap outa' WoW.

    But if your on even a lower budget, go onto ebay and get a used 9600GT DDR3. Very good card for a budget, and you can get them for like 40 bucks used.

    O, that's of course if it's PCI-e.
  3. How can I find out if it's PCI AGP or PCI - e?
  4. Download GPU-Z. it will tell you the specs of your card and the interface type. Also, if this is a prebuilt (like Dell or whatever) tell us the model number.
  5. Bus Interface: PCI. My step dad built this computer for me about 1.5-2 years ago
    Memory Type: DDR2
  6. Download CPU-Z to find out info on your CPU as well. After all if your CPU is too old then it won't really matter what kind of GPU you put in that thing.
  7. Hmm, this is intriguing. Since this is homebuilt, do you still have the manuals for the stuff?

    Also, to get full info about the system, try PCWizard (CPUID) and tell us the motherboard model and processor, and any other interesting info.
  8. If this was built about 2 years ago and it uses DDR2 ram then it is most likely a PCI-e board with onboard video.............x1250.
    That said, it should be easy to just grab a decent card off the shelf and install as long as your power supply can handle the task!
    Please give us your pc specs...ty

  9. To make it more simple for you, do as the above said. Download CUPID from and then tell us what it says in each tab:

    1) What Is Your CPU:
    2) What Is Your RAM:
    3) What Is Your GPU:

    It should say it pretty clearly. Like the CPU Speed, what model it is. The click on the RAM tab on the top, and tell us if its DDR or DDR2. Also, click on the GPU tab and tell us if its PCI-e or AGP.

    That simple. Hope this helps.
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