File transfer from pc that is not working

How do I transfer files from a computer that is not working. It turns on but nothing on the screen. Please help. I need to take photos off the computer
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  1. The two easiest options are:
    1) Install the drive to a working computer and copy the files to its hard drive.
    2) Install the drive into an enclosure, attach that to a working computer and copy the files to the working computer's hard drive.
  2. is it hard to do? I have another Dell I could put the hd on? Once I sis that there is a program =called easy transfer would that work?
  3. No. First unplug the working computer (host) from the wall, open the side panel, find an empty hard drive bay, install the old drive, attach a data cable to the newly-installed hard drive and to an empty port connector on the motherboard, then attach the appropriate power cable to the hard drive.

    Plug in the power cord, and power-on the system. When windows loads, you can use Windows Explorer to locate the old hard drive, select the folders and files you wish to copy, then paste them to a new location on the host computer's hard drive.
  4. What kind of the HD you have in the boken system...... if it is teh OLD Type IDE... then make sure your new system have a IDE Port.. Or you can use a USB to IDE / SATA Adapter Something like this

    But the transfer rate will be very slow .... because is thur USB... if you have just some data ... that is OK..... but if you have a lot over 50GB better connect inside another computer to do it....
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