Upgrade celeron 1.4 processor to faster/better one (pref cooler, 2)

guys, my celeron 1.4 ghz processor just isn't cutting it anymore in my 5-year-old laptop. i've maxed out my ram, and now i notice how slow my processor is--it's the bottleneck causing my slowness (that and my hard drive's seek time).

can i upgrade it to a better/faster one, and if so what kind?

my computer's a gateway 4025gz, here are the specs of it:

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  1. Overall, better off saving the money, and buying a new one. The biggest problem you are going to run into is finding a reliable vendor (Such as Newegg) who carries socket 479 CPU's.
  2. there are pentium m processors on ebay from $5 to $100 for the highest end ones. this is a list of pentium m processors:


    my computer has the following specs:

    bios specs:

    * Phoenix BIOS
    * 4 MB Flash ROM
    * SMBIOS 2.3 support
    * Advanced Configuration and Power Interface 1.0b and 2.0 (ACPI 1.0b and 2.0) support
    * Wired for Management 2.0 (WfM 2.0)

    front side bus is 400mhz, and the 'processor packaging' is Intel micro-FCPGA. whatever that all means. is that enough info to figure out which is the best processor on that list i linked to would be for me?
  3. agree.

    In the long run, it will be better if you saved up to get a new laptop/desktop.

    The biggest problem you find with laptops that most vendors dont update the bios to be able to add new cpu to a laptop. Even if a newer cpu can be added to older socket, it doesn't mean it will work.

    Some of the thing you have to look for in a laptop cpu upgrade is TDP, microarchitecture, socket, and bios.

    Which mean that your going to have a VERY LIMITED selection of cpu choices.


    Basically you'll be only able to upgrade to a Celeron M 380 which is only 200 MHz faster than what you have. Hardly worth the cpu upgrade.
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