Firewall confusion

I have a linksys wireless router. I also have mcafee Security Center. I also have malewarebytes free version. I am not sure if it runs all the time or not. I dont see anything in the notification area... I am also using vista 64bit till windows 7 shows up. I have read many posts about firewalls but am still confused.

Do I need to use all these things together? It seems like all of things must slow down my computer. Can I turn them off when im gaming? Should I turn anything of in mcafee? I hope to here some feedback in something less then semi-technical language. :pt1cable:
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  1. No networking nerds to help me? =(
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    I don't use a firewall on my home gaming system and never had any problems. I am behind a router with only certain ports opened up.
    I only run spam/malware utilities maybe once a month and my antivirus only does antivirus, not a suite or anything like that. I RARELY ever have any problems.

    It all comes down to how paranoid you are about someone getting in your system and/or how careless you are with security settings.
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