Recovering data from deleted "and" formatted partition

i accidentally deleted my d: partition while i was installing windows, and i had created new partition from the upartitioned space, but i have not written any data in the new d: drive, can i still recover my data?? please give me suggestion..
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  2. thanks for the suggestion, pyree i'll try it right away
  3. If your data is very important, I suggest you to send it out for professional data recovery service.
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  5. Thanks for the help everyone, i'm glad that my problem's solved now.
    May luck be with everyone. Thank You!!
  6. Hey Accidentally,

    Did you end up using the EaseUS program to restore that deleted HDD partition? If so, what tool did you download from their website? I'm looking at their website right now and they have a lot of different utilities on their download page. I'm really not sure which one to use or where to start. Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks.
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