How to flash 4770 with asus top bios

i just recently bought 2 powercolor 4770 512mb gDDR5

i want to flash it to asus top bios and use smart doctor and OC it further

the problem is I never had any experience in flashing a video card.. will someone pls kind enough to write up a "step by step" procedure in flashing a 4770 card?

PS: ive looked everywhere but unfortunately i cant find one on the internet.. thanks and godbless..

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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  1. pls?
  2. Step 1: Don't do it.

    Why would you want to flash the BIOS of the card to one that is clocked faster <b>from another vendor</b>? It could brick the cards.

    Just download Rivatuner and use it to change the clock speed. Also, you can manually set the fan at a flat speed, as the cards don't always change the speed "the smart way."
  3. because ive read somewhere that a bios moded 4770 (asus top bios) the vcore can be adjusted thus giving more room for OC.. my plan was to oc @ 900~950/1000~1050 coreclock and memory clock, respectively.

    can anyone pls help me out or any other better solutions.. because my 4850x2 died on my last saturday.. and i dont have any budget on spending another high-end card... pls..?
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