2500K power consumption at 4.5?

CoreTemp Says that my power draw in prime 95 is circa 85W, IBT 125W. Are these accurate readings?

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  1. Just finished putting together my 2500k last night, under Prime FFT tests, HWMnitor has 88W for mine (1.28V).

    Not sure how it all works out, but I'm wondering as well how accurate it is considering CPU was 100% load and didn't even reach max stock TDP @ 4.5GHz.
  2. mc_conor said:
    Are these accurate readings?

    No. It is an estimate. Motherboards have no way to monitor CPU current. (CPU current X CPU voltage = CPU power).
  3. If you want maximum power draw intelburntest is better than prime95.
  4. So is there a rough estimate of what the power draw is under different load conditions, eg prime,ibt, games @4.5GHz?

    I presume its the estimate coretemp gives?
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