New Core i7 Random Reboot Problems

Hey guys, I recently built a Core i7 Rig with the following components

i7 930
Evga Sli LE Mobo
Evga GTX 275
Antec Truepower New 750
Dark Knight CPU cooler
Western Digital Caviar Black 640g
Ocz plat 3x2g

This is my first full build from the ground up (have upgraded etc. before)

Two days ago I put all the components together, it posted fine the first time and then i installed Windows 7 64 bit perfectly fine. Everything was going great, I installed all the new drivers and such, and I left my computer on overnight to install WoW. The next morning, the computer randomly keeps rebooting, sometimes getting back into windows, sometimes going in an endless reboot cycle. If it does get back into windows, its only for a short period of time. When it goes into an endless reboot cycle, the motherboard power LED will flash, there will be a clicking noise (sometimes this is repeated) and the Motherboard Cide LED will show codes f3 and f7 (really 3f and 7f supposedly)

Since then i've tried installing an old Windows Vista 32 bit i had lying around. It took about 2 reboots for it to install (not windows intended reboots). Ive tried unplugging and plugging back in almost every cable, unplugging all the 230 mm fans from the mobo (thought for some reason it may be a mobo power problem), only keeping memory in slot 1, reseating my 275, trying out my old 4850 from my old computer, and of course resetting cmos a bunch of times. I've also tried setting all Ram timings, Voltages etc. by myself. Afterwards it ran for a bit, but eventually started the cycle all over again.

I thought initially that it would probably be a power supply issue, but it worked perfectly in my old computer (socket 939 with the GTX 275) for about 2 weeks before i recieved the rest of my parts from newegg. The GTX 275 and 4850 were also fine in my old computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. i7 930 ??
  2. download and run memtest86
  3. typo, i meant 920

    i found out the problem is a missing cpu pin in this cpu socket, and am rma'ing the board back to newegg

    Howlong does it usually take to get a replacement board?
  4. I don't know but like 2 weeks at most :)
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