Final thoughts for i7 gaming pc

i7 920 2.66 planning on doing overclocking up o 4.0 ghz $199.99 microcenter

Asus P6T v2 Deluxe $269.99 after MIR
- Corsair 850TX (already purchased 750W Corsair going to return on $20 diff) Also is the 1000W Corsair worth it its $100 dollars more! - Western Digital 1TB Black

Cooler Master HAF 922 will get 932 if need be but its just way too big and this is going to be in my living room plus I think 922 looks better.

Was going GTX 275 SLI but now ATi 5870 Graphics card going to pick up on Sept 23rd waiting to finish machine with this final piece and future plans of doing Xfire cards (down the road).

Sound card i need a recommendation thats a great quality and still in reasonable price range. - Samsung 22x CD/DVD-R from microcenter 24.99 - Mushkin 6gb 1600 DDR3

Still Figuring out the monitor.

Main thing is I am wondering on if the HAF 922 will support my plans I have here or is the 932 a needed upgrade. Power supply 850W Corsair going to be good enough or do I need the 1000W Corsair. I also need a sound card recommendation.

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  1. the 850 will be fine even the 750 will cope well the haf 922 is also fine before you get a sound card listen to the onboard sound ,most x58 boards have good on board sound
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