Why do I get blue vertical lines on my laptop monitor

why do I get blue vertical lines on my laptop monitor?
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  1. Sounds like either a defect in the LCD screen or possibly the video card or graphics chipset is going bad. You can also try installing the newest video driver for your laptop.
  2. Could be a corrupt video driver, your video adapter going, or a cracked LCD panel. Basically, we need to know more about the problem. Are they always there? Even on the loading screens? Etc.
  3. yes, the blue line is always there.
  4. Check the ribbon cable, update your drivers. Is this a recent issue?
  5. Can u take a screenshot?

    If it is lines free, it is the monitor.

    And post it for us to see it : )
  6. Yes the problem is with the monitor. I have this prob for past 3 months but it was an Yellow line. If I press the panel of the monitor straight below the line it will go away but today that trick is not working and its color has changed to blue and its permanent. I can work around it and the laptop is 1.5 years old. Acer aspire 5745G.
    It has worked beyond its limit and I have pushed it to its breaking point and yet it works fine. May be during my travels from hostel to home and back to hostel, weights may have been placed on my bag and it could have damaged the Monitor.
  7. Happens all the time Vasanthan : )

    Maybe amazon has some for sale.
  8. Thank You nikorr
  9. Good luck!
  10. Good but not good enough.
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