Which slots to install 2 memory sticks in on motherboard?


I was wondering which slots to install 2 memory sticks for overclocking on the Asus Crosshair iii? the manual states to install them on the orange slots for better overclocking capability. I plan on O.C. to DDR3 1600. what are they talking about?

I was planning on installing them on slot a2 and b2. the white slots on the right. Does it make a difference which 2 slots you install on a1,b1 or a2,b2?

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  1. If the manual says to install the RAM in the orange slots, why on earth would you decide to install them in the white slots?

    I'd say that if the motherboard manual has a specific recommendation, yes, it makes a difference.
  2. I forgot to mention that the two left slots are blue and the two right ones are white. The manual states that two dims can be installed on either side, then it goes into stating the orange slots are better for overclocking capability.
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