Server System for Home Usage (Backup, Developement, Medias)

Dear community,
after 7 days of searching in different forums and studying text and datasheets I am in the process of finalizing my system. But I need the help of some hardware gurus to be sure with hardware compability.

What I want:
- Ubuntu Server OS (bittorrent, dlna/upnp, apache2, mysql)
- media accessability (maybe transcoding as well for PS3)
- Hardware Raid (for my big photography archive)
- Gigabit LAN
- SATA II (4-6 ports) + 1 IDE Port
- housing for 4-6 3.5" HDs
- and all this together should be silent as it will be in my home office or even beside the TV (so nice and small case - cubic?)
- power consumption should be minimal when idle

Now the biggest question: Which motherboard? As I am really want to have a fully compatible board for Ubuntu. Target processor is a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (or Core 2 Quad) - optionally also Pentium 4 (as I want to upgrade the processor later, if possible). Optionally also graphics on-board.

Rest of my thoughts:

* Processor
- Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or Core 2 Quad Q8300

* Motherboard
- Ubuntu compatible

* Memory
- Corsair ValueSelect, 1x2GB SO-DIMM, DDR3-1066 (maybe only 1GB)

* Case
- Thermaltake Matrix? Any other suggestions?

- Silverstone SST-ST40EF v 1.1 Element Series - 400 Watt

I know this is a hefty thread, but any help is appreciated.
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  1. *Bump*
    I don't know much about LGA775 so I participated with a *Bump* :D

  2. ASUS P5Q-EM, perhaps?

    If you want really fast hardware RAID,
    you'll need extra x8 or x16 PCI-E slots.
    We just built a workstation with the
    P5Q Premium:

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