Need help finding fans and controller been searching forever!

I just got a new computer with an i5 2500k and i plan to overclock it. I bought the 212+ and it comes stock with 1 fan. I also have the HAF 912 case with 1 rear fan and 1 front fan. both are 120mm. I want to get fans for all the remaining slots: 1 120mm on the side I believe, either 1 200m for the top or 2x 120mm, and then either another 1 120 mm for the front bottom or 1 200m for the font. That said I've been scouting the forums on numerous sites and I haven't gotten anything clear. I need some major advice. I'm also looking to control at least 4-5 fans through a fan controller. I want something reliable and has an lcd. I looked at the NZXT but not a big fan of them. I would prefer touch screen or at least an LCD with knobs.

From my fans I want good cooling while keeping them quiet. I don't something hella loud, but a medium amount is alright. It's not that big of a deal just not overpowering loud. lights don't really matter but if there's something out there lit then fine preference blue. I need to get this ordered by tonight so I'd appreciate any responses very much!!!!!
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  1. The best fans I have found for both quiet and cool are Cougar fans. I have 6 of them in my case. Look at these:
  2. Go with CM Mega 200mm fans for front and top.= quieter(then 2x120)and moves alot of air.
    Leave you with a spare 120mm fan.
    I have a few rigs with plenty of fans in each.
    Two are CM cases and fans plus extra CM fans.
    Personally i don't consider either loud.
    Loudest fan you'll ever hear is the gpus or cpu cooler.
    I doubt you really need a fan controller but that's your call.
    COOLER MASTER Megaflow 200
  3. The Cougars produce 70 + cfm and are quiet <20 dB
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