Did my gpu get fried !!!!!!!!!!!

when i was overclocking my gpu(msi 560 ti twin frozr ii ) it suddenly turned off i tried restarting but when it turns back on my pc just turns off fast doesnt even last a second on what i did i disconnected one pci-e and it turns on but when ever i connect the second pci-e power connector it wont turn on :( i dont even have a year with this card i tried using onboard it works the pc boots on normaly but when i connect the 560 it wont even turn on . what could i do !!!!!!!!! didnt even touch the voltage settings well just by one point please help !!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. You overvolted the GPU? Most Nvidia cards can take a bit of overvolting, but it depends on what you overvolted it to. Please give specs and as much info as you can for good feedback.
  2. well i was using the msi after burner and well i didnt actually bump the voltage too high it was just like by one point and when i changed it and hit apply thats when my pc turned off dont know why maybe i blew one of the capacitors ? could it have a short circuit ? due too the the blown capacitor
  3. i also have an msi gtx560-ti twin frozr II golden edition card. i tried OCing but unfortunately its still unstable on BF3. even a slight change of core clock will crash on BF3.

    so what i did is i just set it down to its stock clocks w/c is 900mhz core but OCed the memory to 4600mhz. now i think its much better. :)
  4. well sir the card wont even let my pc turn on i have to take off the card so it could turn on. well what i tried is i disconnected a pci-e power connector and tried to turn it on and it worked but whenever i connect the other pci-e it wont turn on its like it has a short circuit . it doesnt even last a second its only on for like half a second
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    Yep, sounds like you damaged/bricked the graphics card. If you've had it for less than a year as you say, then try to have it repaired/replaced by the manufacturer through the warranty.

    By the way, "didnt even touch the voltage settings well just by one point" means you did touch the voltage settings. :sol:
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