Windows Installation Nightmare

I built my own system, and until recently, I have had zero problems when I needed to reinstall windows. And now the computer is making me want to toss it in the garbage can and give up on them completely. :fou: :cry:

I have tried everything to make windows install. I have two western digital sata drives, with 320 gigs.

Asus m2n-e sli board with an AMD x64 4200 something or other.

I bought an external usb floppy drive and used the installation disk from the hard drive and made a floppy for the supposed sata drivers... and then it gave me an error saying it couldnt find an oem file or something...

I have currently unplugged everything that isnt necessary for installing the OS. I took out all the RAM cards, and even bought a brand new 1gig stick and have only that one. I tried using a different cd-rom, only that didnt even get to the part where it would install.

On the occaisions where I have gotten to the part where it says its copying files, it stalls at 17%, and the only thing I can do is restart.

I have been fighting with this blasted thing for a whole week...
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  1. tried a different cd?
  2. Ive only got the one Windows cd.
  3. get another
  4. What version of windows do you have?

    and why are you reinstalling?

    are the hard drives in a RAID ?

    Have you tried formatting them ? Have you tried partitioning them ? How , what with ?
  5. do you have any older hardware in there

    my friend was having an issue like this, turned out to be the old pci gigabit network controller he was using
  6. m2n-e sli is a new board, I have windows xp.
    Attached to the boards is the nvidia pci-e video card 8800 gt and a soundblaster card 24bit. they are screwed into the frame the normal way so I didnt feel like taking them out.

    I have tried formatting and partitioning each time windows installer started up and it asked me to select a partition.

    Also Im reinstalling because my old ide hard drive died... and I thought Id try a sata since I have one as a storage. And The second drive as I mentioned isnt plugged in.

    Finally, when I try to use f6 to setup the drivers for the sata, it gives me an error saying it couldnt find the textsetup.oem...
  7. Aha. You may need to look online to see if you can find the correct sata driver. That's one great thing about Vista. With those sata drives, no fighting with drivers. It picked it up, installed easy as pie.
  8. Id use Windows 7 if I could have gotten the iso to burn to a dvd before the hard drive died... I like that OS so much better.
  9. I'd check the motherboard bios and see if you can run the sata drives in IDE mode. Most do by default. In which case you trying to install a sata driver while in IDE mode my be the issue. Also play with it in sata mode.
  10. So I downloaded the drivers for my asus board, and this time I didnt get the txtsetup.oem error. But after I was done loading the drivers the installer said it couldnt find any hard drives installed. However, if I unplug the floppy drive, and dont use f6, it doesnt give me this error, it just stalls while copying files...
  11. Quote:
    it just stalls while copying files...

    Go in to BIOS and make sure the HDDs are running in UDMA5 and NOT PIO mode. Seen this happen VERY rarely and that copying problem is one symptom for this.

    Also, any chance you can get a Linux Live CD and try that? If it sees your HDD it's more than likely a problem with the Windows CD.

    Also usually you don't need to use the F6 method when installing XP (even with XP Gold) most of the time. Also are you using a XP CD by an OEM like Dell/HP,etc?
  12. kitsunegirl said:
    Id use Windows 7 if I could have gotten the iso to burn to a dvd before the hard drive died... I like that OS so much better.

    There are un touched RC ISOs floating around (if you decide to get one MAKE SURE you check the Checksum before installation). Assuming you still have the CD Key, those RC one's should work.

    As for some Linux Live CDs:

    Just make sure you download the LIVE CD (~600-700MB) and NOT the installation (~3GB+).

    I refrained from linking to Ubuntu as I think Ubuntu is over rated as far as Linux distros goes.
  13. The windows cd I have is fairly old, so it might indeed be pretty scratched up... the disc is kinda copper coloured. The bios recognizes the drive and even when setup is loading it says its loading scsi/raid drivers...

    I am going to go to a computer shop near my work that Ive bought stuff from before and see if he will make me a windows 7 cd. >.>

    Its not an factory cd, its the actual windows cd. I havent had one of those since like... '98.

    I dont care for ubuntu either. I like suse though. And Id use linux if I could play my games on it without shoehorning in whatever to make them work... too much work with wine and cydega or whatever is used now.
  14. I wasnt able to change the udma to 5 as its grayed out. I was able to set it from auto to none up at the top. Access mode has auto and large (Its a sata II). IDE channels allowed me to change the pio mode from auto to x4 (I think).

    After I tinkered with all this, the installer stalled out at 24% so I am at the point where I think the cd is bad... hopefully the pc shop guy will be nice enough to make me a win7 cd.
  15. if the installer stalls google Windows XP 34 Min hiccup, its something i have become an expert on since last year when i built my first PC and have XP OEM SP2, you have to basically delete and .inf file during the installation because of windows installing some general drivers that are outdated... first google that "Windows XP 34 Min Hiccup" and read around
  16. I had this problem a while back with a new build, everything went up through the start of installing XP (SP2 brand new disc) and it kept hanging around 17%. Tried a different XP disc and it was fine. I'd try a different install.
  17. I wouldn't think that a USB floppy drive would work, but I could be wrong. (I don't own ANY floppy drives) Every time I need to install XP to a SATA drive on a new motherboard, I just make a new XP disc. It's called slipstreaming with it you can put the SATA drivers directly on the XP disc, and I even put in SP3 (there's a pretty significant speed boost by having it on install rather than as an upgrade - very noticeable during bootup). I use a program called nlite to do it. You can use your current disc to create it - the first time I did it it helped me move away from a disc that was unstable.
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