1tb hdd only showing 500gb

I have a 1tb hdd with a biostar mobo.
But, only 500gb is showing. Is it possible my mobo only supports 500gb? If this is the case, is there anyway to save stuff to that other 500 gigs?
I'm running out of room on the first 500gb.

Thank you in advance -

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  1. Can you post a screenshot of the drive from Disk Manager?

    Start -> Right-click "Computer" and select "Manage"
    Click "Disk Management" in the left pane
    Scroll down the middle pane to see the partition map for the drive in question
  2. Go to "Disk Management" you can create another partition there.

  3. Sorry the picture is so small, even when you click it to view it larger. My screen is 22" but photobucket always makes my screenshots very small..
  4. How would I go about creating another partition? or would I create a vhd?
  5. What is the model number of your HDD? How many LBAs is it reporting?

    You could use utilities such as HD Sentinel, HDDScan, CrystalDiskInfo to display this information.

  6. ^+1 to fzabkar - Disk Manager shows that your total disk size is ~500GB, and I'm suspicious that it may in fact be a 500GB drive. The model number will tell us for sure.
  7. I'm wondering whether the drive has a HPA.
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