Question regarding OS and upgrading mobo/cpu

I'm on the verge of upgrading my computer and just ordered new ram, motherboard, and processor. I had a question regarding my OS, on my current setup I'm running vista, when I install my new motherboard and processor will I also have to buy/install a new OS as well? Will I be able to install all the new hardware and turn my computer on and do all the functions normally, or will I have to go through a process of installing a new OS and having everything wiped?


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  1. Everything will stay except the drivers. Your new hardware will require new driver and when you turn the computer on it will boot up normally and install the new drivers by itself.
  2. I just install the new hardware, register the license again, then do a clean install.
  3. Close.

    Just install the new hardware, do a clean install, then register the license again.
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