2500K @ 4.5GHz on P8P67 Pro 3.1 w/ Noctua NH-D14 temps

Interesting results to say the least from my overclock in a before/after scenario; OC'ed to the usual 4.5GHz using 1.28 vCore

Out of the box 0105 BIOS on the P8P67 Pro:
IDLE - 40C
Small FFTs (15 minute run) - 65C

Considering my brother had the exact same setup running at a cool 28C idle & 52C small FFTs, I proceeded to reseat the HSF 3 times in a row with the exact same results... I thought I just had bad luck on the CPU and got one that ran somewhat hot.

Update to 2001 BIOS after forgetting to check for that before even formatting/re-installing W7 and a whole new picture...:
IDLE - 27C
Small FFTs (4.5 hours, overnight) - 51C

Wow, I'm loving those temps, but it's got me wondering... why?? The BIOS update logs from Asus don't mention fixing some kind of thermal monitor issue, or a microcode update aside from the upcoming 22nm.

I just found it really odd and was wondering if anyone else has seen this or a possible explanation?

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  1. Because some BIOS updates contains CPU code
  2. just curious, which method did you use to update your bios on that board?
  3. Sorry, lost track of the thread; I used a FAT formated USB key to hold the file and loaded it in the BIOS using EZFlash.

    I was getting a "file is corrupted" or some similar error, then I remembered that the file system needed to be FAT, worked like a charm after.
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