Overclock E6550 with MSI P45-C51

Hello all!

I recently overclocked my my processor to 2.869 from 2.333 with a FSB of 410 (original 333) I've read that people are getting this particular CPU to well over 3ghz but every time i try it fails at start up and sets back to default.

- CPU Cooler: Rosewill RCX-Z775-LX 92mm Ball CPU Cooler
- Very well enclosed case with 4 120mm fans
- 500w (600peak) PSU.

Here are all my system specs.



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  1. get the fsb dram ratio to 1:1, try upping the voltage, giving some incremental vcore, see if that works
  2. I set the ratio 1:1 and everything. I upped the voltage to 1.28 but everything that I keep trying to change cannot get me any higher than a 410. I'm reading on other forums that people are getting their fsb up to 500 without trouble and that the e6550 are easily... Is there any gold standard that works with stability or do i have to keep messing with the voltages?
  3. Take FSB/DRAM ratio off Auto and set it to 1:1.

    Now try. If that doesn't work, sets your RAM to 2:1 (memory running halfspeed) if you can.

    As long as your CPU core temps stay under 70 C at load, you can safely increase your CPU core voltage to 1.50 volts.
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