Atx vs mATX

I am building a system and am unsure of whether to get an ATX or mATX mobo.

CPU: Intel Core i5 (lga 1156)
GPU: Gts 250
Ram: 4 Gb DDR3 1600
PSU: 700 watts
HD: 500 Gb (or less SATA)
Case: mid tower or full atx
Sli/crossfire: no
Overclocking: yes (substantial)(from 2.6Ghz to about 3.6 - 3.8 Ghz)
Price range: $100 - $150
Prefered Vendor: Newegg or Tiger Direct

I want a good mobo but I am on a budget.
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  1. Well.

    1- If you want a mid tower or full tower, Why a mATX mobo?
    2- Usually the mATX mboo don't support Crossfire or SLI in a good way.
    3- Usually have video onboard, that, in gaming rig isn't good.
  2. I like matx mobos because it gves you the option to get a smaller case later and because itleaves more space to do case mods etc
  3. Do you have any recommendations for a mobo? I was looking at
    Also do i want to spend a little more for crossfire or sli???
    For example this:
  4. Ok, with "a little more", what do you mean? $100, $150, $200...
  5. From $100 - $140
    What did you think about the first link - that is the one i am currently favoring
  6. I meant $100 -$140 TOTAL
    what do you think of the ones i found

    also if i am going to put in 1 gts 250 (large gpu) do i need a full tower case?

    also i want to use ddr3 1600 - if that is not listed as a standard for the mobo can i still use that ram?
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    Well, my advice, try to get the 1st mobo in the links. The mobo that you want only support Crossfire at x1, that is very slow.

    You can use a normal ATX case with that GPU, but with only $69.99 you can get a Antec Three Hundred Illusion, that's a very good case.

    Finally, the RAM could work at 1333 or 1600 with OC.
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  9. Thanks for all of the help

    i was actually looking at this case
  10. Looks as a good case. Any time that's why we are here, and good luck with your rig.
  11. thanks i really appreciate the assistance
  12. Don't worry men, that's the ide of the forum. If you need more help, feel free to ask.
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