Overclocking p8p67 LE rev 3.0 with i5 2500K to 4.3 ghz


My setup is:
Asus P8P67 LE rev 3.0 motherboard
I5 2500K processor running at 4.3 ghz
Cooler master V8 CPU cooler
8 GB Geil DDR3-ram 1333 mhz
OCZ 600 W Modxtrea-pro
Coolermaster 690II case

I'm new to overclocking, did read some articles though, installed some monitor applications like CPU-Z, Prime95, Speedfan and CoreTemp. I went into my BIOS and adjust the multiplier to 43x. I have read that its not possible to adjust the core voltage manually. When im running this cpu at 4.3 ghz core CPU-Z and coretemp are showing this:


Note: I was running prime95 when taking this screenshot.

I am wondering if the voltage showed by the image is to high? Since I did see overclockers with a 4.5 ghz speed and almost same setup with a core voltage of 1.35. They adjusted it manually.

Please some feedback and maby some tips to improve my overclock.

Kind Regards
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  1. no, my friend it's ok no need to be worry.
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