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So I got the ASUS EAH6570/DI/1GD3(LP) Radeon HD 6570 1GB 128-bit DDR3 card ( here

Before any of you tell me its a cheap card, get a real card etc. - I love this thing, I've been playing COD4 and Skyrim on maxed out settings and it works fine with zero stutter or pixelation, I'm not a hardcore gamer that needs the best of everything, it works flawlessly. And on a 300w PSU to boot.

This thing runs incredibly cool- like 45C cool. It comes with smartdoctor software for overclocking, with slidable bars for both memory and the gpu.

I am completely new to overclocking.

My question is- if I ever wanted to overclock (I have no need to right now), how do I determine the ideal gpu/memory clock speeds? I mean if I raise one proportionately more than the other, will it create a bottleneck? Or does it depend on the game being played, and if so how does one determine what to change and to what degree?
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    you have to raise them one at a time . start off by raising the core clock by 15MHz at and scan for artefacts with ati tray tool or just play a game for about a minute once it crashes or there's artefacts lower it by 20MHz and finally scan for 10 Min . remember the setting for the core clock then put it back to default . do the same thing again with the memory clock . then put the core clock and the memory clock to the settings you remembered and you're done
  2. Much thanks! This is exactly what I wanted to know!
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