This setup is wrong right? (picture)

1. this setup is wrong right? (picture)

2. which of these two setup is best? first one or second one?

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  1. I would like to know the answer to this as well.

    I've also seen configurations where the heatsink's fan is flipped around on your third picture, so it's:

    rear fan > cpu cooler fan > heatsink

    I just received my CM212 in the mail today, and would like to know before installing =)
  2. bumb!!
  3. I have mine set up like the 2nd illustration. Not a problem
  4. The bottom picture would be your best option, the only reason to use the middle one is if you cant for some reason fit the heatsink in its normal direction.
  5. Heat Sink manufacturers recommend that air be blown thru the cooler horizontally.....front to rear.... Prolimatech for example reports a 2-3C advantage in this configuration. When I spoke to a tech, he said it had more to do with the orientation of the heat pipes in this position than case air flow.

    However, if you have a MoBo with more than 2 OCI-E slots, you may find that the cooler will hit the GFX card in the top slot if installed this way and you may have no other choice. Same thing can happen if ya bought RAM with those tall toothy heat sinks.
  6. #3 always! but like Jack says #2 is fine if #3 isn't an option.
  7. I installed my CM212 Evo 2 weeks ago like in the 2nd illustration. With my case (CM HAF 922) it seems to pull in less dust from the side.
  8. Alot of times the heatsink/fan maker tells you the way to install the product and if not then you can install it anyway you want as long as it blows out of the case and not into it. So if you have a fan on the top and a fan in the rear then either direction is fine , if there is no fan in the top then point it out the back , if there is no fan in either spot then point it out the back because there are always vent holes in the back.
  9. I have Ante900 cases. I do the second picture. I realize that what we have in the case is forced air cooling, but I figure warm air wants to rise. Why fight physics.

    This is also one one the things I would like to test once I get some free time.
  10. Go for the option 3.

    I did this in an x-blade case but instead of using the top mounted fan as an exshaust use this as a direct intake for cold air onto the heat sink i did this with 2 240 fans, I give the set up to my step dad after my upgrade, but if you set all your fans to intake and just your bog standard one exshaust i was keeping my 775 p4 ocd to 3.4ghz 24/7 at less than 28c.

    My moto the more air being sucked into your case whether it sounds like a wind tunnel or not the better.
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