Corrupt drive, need a way to recover files

I got a corrupt drive apparently according to Seagate support... Seagate however does not provide a way to acquire my files for free. (off topic: last time I'm buying from them)

The files are still there and working, since I've tested with a demo file recovery program (from seagates own site), but unless I pay ($99, which is quite a lot) it won't recover any file larger than 64kb...

Does anyone know of a free or reasonable priced program that could help me?

Thank you for any help! :)
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  1. Try EASEUS.
  2. Use R-Studio, ( its the best recovery tool out there IMO
  3. Someone recommended Piriform Recuva, and it has done the job mostly, some files are unrecoverable though, but I'll see if I can get those with demo software.

    The only reason I'm against paying these sums for recovery software is that they are the same price as another hard drive and sometimes way more, in which case I could just have a backup for the backup drive...

    Thanks for the suggestions though, if ever some of my valuable files are at risk then I got a place to start :)
  4. Have you run the Seatools scan that is on their website? Also take a look at the Seatools for DOS scan which can be used on SATA and ATA drives. For the Seatools for DOS you'll have to burn the file to a CD and boot the PC from that CD. I'm only saying this stuff because I was about to give up on one of my hard drives (A Seagate one) when I was recommended Seatools for DOS, saved my hard drive :) Its worth a shot at least and if it doesn't work the other advice here is excellent :)
  5. I should clarify, the Seatools for DOS allows you to run a long scan on your hard drive and will go through every sector (you may have to stop it from going into standby by moving the mouse occasionally, sometimes the scan stopped if I left the PC idle.) It then will identify bad areas and give you an option to repair them. This may or may not delete some of your files so I'd say to back up these files anyway to be safe and then see if it fixes your drive, it might save you some money and hassle :)
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