Looking for quieter heatsink/fan

Hi Guys,

First, let me thank for taking the time to read, and possibly answer.
Second, my space bar is broken, so there may be times where there should be a space but isn't, but I'll try to minimize them.

Third, my question...

I have an ASRock 870 Extreme3, AMD 955BE with stock cooler(very loud), and my case is a CM 690 II Advanced. I am looking to replace the stock cooler as I am getting fed up with the annoying noise.

Also, I'm not looking to take everything apart to attach it, I would rather just install it with the MB still in the case.

Any suggestions?

Note: I did try the Hyper 212+, but my friend who put the computer together told me it was shorting out the MB. I didn't attempt to put it in myself as during the winter I generate A LOT of static electricity and don't want to damage the CPU.

If I am missing any or you need more information, please ask.

I do not plan on overclocking or Crossfire.
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    I have that case and a 212+ installed no problem.
    As i'm sure countless people do.
    Didn't have to remove mobo.
    Works great.
  2. And it's a lot quieter than the stock fan?
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