My His Radeon 512mb 3650 AGP graphics wont work on my windows 7. I've installed drivers. But when i restart i it keeps shutting down and i have to do a system restore. Some 1 help.
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  1. Shouldn't Windows 7 have stopped working by now?

    If you're still using beta that could be the problem.
  2. no mines still activated its the RTC
  3. i dunno y its is but i only installed it a week ago. Help would be lovely appreciated.
  4. anyone please
  5. Do you have an onboard graphics you can test it with? Or another card?
  6. You try formatting your drive? Maybe a bad OS install..?
  7. No, it was a clean install. My previous card was a nforce mcp. Because that didnt work i had to get this one. Im really outa ideas and nothing i do is working.
  8. I'm loving that people are contributing. More Info. Phoenix Award Bios, AMD Anthlon xp 2500+, 1 gig ram. Previous card a Nforce 2 MPC that was fine until window 7 regected it.
  9. You need to conribute more yourself.

    So, your original graphics card worked fine until you installed Windows 7?

    So then you got a new 3650, installed it, and it doesn't work?

    Give us the correct sequence. And give us full system specs including make/model if prebuilt. In either case, what size psu do you have? And how old is the system?
  10. ok. Mine is a Nvidia System, AWRDACPI MOBO, Phoenix Award Bios. It it has an inbuilt Nforce 2 MCP. 1 gig of ram. AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU.

    Once i installed windows 7, it didn't recognize the inbuilt NForce. After investigating o found that there were no drivers to be found.

    So instead i got a His Radeon 512mb 3650 AGP graphics card. Every time i try to install a driver for it, and then restart my computer, Windows fails to load. The computer reboots and i have to use system restore to load windows again.
  11. the system isnt that old i got it 2006. And the volts r 500 w
  12. Have you disabled (if required) the Onboard VGA via BIOS?
  13. no ill try that, how should that help but?
  14. nope nothing.
  15. When it does a sytem check, it says the drivers are bad. But im using the same thing everyone else is using so......
  16. My AGP adapter i x4,x8 1.5 volts. And im also using the vga>dvi connecter.
  17. Maybe has anyone else had a similar problem?
  18. Anyone....
  19. Ok wait.

    Your mobo drivers probably aren't installed. You need to go to your mobo website, download everything from there and see how it goes.

    You will also need your graphics drivers to be installed properly.
  21. but see im not sure which drvers to install, as they are for xp. and ive already tried those drivers.
    my mobo is msi k777
  22. Go into your control panel/device manager and see if you have any yellow exclamation marks for problem devices. I'm thinking you probably have a bunch of them because your nforce drivers aren't installed.

    I've never heard of an msi k777, is that really the motherboard model?
  23. yer, it is. i was actually able to instal the major ones, like audio but just the graphics was unable to.
  24. I know this is a very unusual problem, aswell. My Bios is upto date aswell.
  25. ok. For now im using my external hard drive to install win xp and see if i can make it work there.
  26. Your computer is OLD, i would keep windows 7 WELL away from it, unless u like slideshows.

    Your 1gig memory will be hogged by the O/S alone.

    Revert back to'll be alot more quicker and stable.

    However, if you wish to ignore that, Are you sure u have the correct driver for the correct card for the correct O/S?????
  27. Well theres your problem right there....Since Windows 7 isnt 'official' yet i doubt ATI will have stable drivers especially for older hardware.
  28. Well thats what i thought so i have reverted it for the time being untill i get some more ram.
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