Antec 300 - Rust Protection Paper ???

I just bought an Antec Three Hundred case.

Included was an 8" by 10" sheet of Rust Protection Paper. It looks and feels identical to butcher paper.

What is this for?
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  1. it's suppose to interact with the molecules that causes rust so the case doesn't rust in storage. It's called VCI paper. You can google it to find out more information.
  2. So it has no long-term purpose?

    I figured it was intended to be applied somewhere in the case.
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    We include a sheet like this in most of our cases. It is so the inside of the case does not rust during transport or while it's on the shelf of your favorite computer store. :)

    You can dispose of it once you unbox your case, though.
  4. Thank you! Always great to hear it straight from the manufacturer!
  5. this really helped me. got CM Elite, and was really confused on what to do with the weird paper. tried visiting the website but its no longer available. Thank You for providing this answer, even though old thread it helped.
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