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Some time in the future probably not for 3 or 4 years I plan on going overboard on a computer 10 - 15k overboard. I'm probably over thinking this and it might not even be a good idea but I want to run it past you guys and see what you think. My idea would be to hand build an air tight case with the exception of the optical bays. Using a phase change cooler for the processor and video card and standard water cooling on the ram chip set and hard drives. A valve on the case to remove all air in the case then to replace it with 80% pure n2 and 20% pure o2 by volume to eliminate almost all of the moisture. I'm still considering adding a second small water cooler in a pipe from the top of the case to the back of the case to remove heat from the internal air basically a radiator in the pipe with a fan forcing the air through it. Just an idea might be silly but let me know.
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  1. A phase change cooler will have a cool side and a hot side. the hot side will still fill your computer case with hot air unless exhausted.
  2. Doesn't something like a vapochill cooler do it's heat release outside of the case?
  3. Anyone able to confirm whether or not a vapochill type cooler does most of it's heat release outside of the case. Thanks
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