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First time file server buyer...

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December 3, 2009 8:50:38 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm not posting a build review request, because I plan on ordering something through Dell. However, I'm new to server hardware and wanted the advice of people more experienced.

The server mainly sits in a room and acts as a giant network storage device. The hardware in the server needs to be reliable, but the most important aspect is storage.

Since Dell overcharges for hard drives, I was thinking I'd order from Newegg. I need 6TB currently, with the ability to expand in the future. I'm thinking I'll order 2TB WD Caviars (SATA, 7.2K RPM). I need backup, probably in the form of a RAID controller. Redundant power supplies would be great, but not critical.

Those are the basic requirements. Total budget (hard drives, Raid controller, server....everything) has a $2000 limit. If anyone could point me in the right direction/suggest a Dell model and specs, I'd be extraordinarily grateful.

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December 3, 2009 10:36:34 PM

$2000... thats without drives right? Even without drive thats a tuff price point to meet for what you need.

Raid is a given and do not go without a tape backup method; raid is not a backup method btw.
I would recommend something with hot swappable hard drive bays.

Good luck. I personally do not care for Dell servers thou they do seem reliable enough. Its their controllers that are always needinfg service here.
December 4, 2009 3:59:25 PM

RAID is not a backup solution, and should be used in conjunction with a backup system.
December 9, 2009 6:52:18 PM

Apologies, I forgot to specify that for 90% of the data, this server would in fact act as a backup to the primary workstation (which itself has a RAID setup). Here's what I'm thinking:

Dell PowerEdge T410

PowerEdge T410 Chassis w/up to 6 Cabled HDs and Quad-Pack LED Diagnostics

Intel® Xeon® E5504, 2.0Ghz, 4M Cache, 800MHz Max Mem

4GB Memory (2x2GB), 1066MHz, Dual Ranked UDIMMs for 1 Processor

Hard Drive Configuration:
250GB 7.2k RPM Serial ATA 3Gbps 3.5-in Cabled Hard Drive
2TB Western Digital Caviar Green 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s (purchased separately from Newegg)
2TB Western Digital Caviar Green 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s (purchased separately from Newegg)
2TB Western Digital Caviar Green 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s (purchased separately from Newegg)

(RAID card would come from the old server that is being replaced)

Power Supply:
Power Supply, Non-Redundant, 525W

Internal Optical Drive:
DVD-RW, SATA, Internal

Server Cost - $879
Hard Drives from Newegg - $600